Shearson Perron

Our services

Our lawyers focus their litigation and counsel primarily in these legal areas

Civil and business litigation

From the formal notice up to the enforcement of a final judgement:

  • motion to institute proceedings – advance your position
  • interpretation and application of contractual liability – yours rights, your obligations action
  • on an account – recover unpaid invoices
  • tort litigation – compensate your prejudice

We always search for a favorable resolution of any conflict before trial to minimize the financial and reputational risks inherent to any court process, when a settlement becomes impossible, our boutique law firm can diligently represent you in upholding your personal or commercial rights.

Regulatory industry-specific advice

Wide range of advice in regulated industries: real-estate brokerage, disciplinary matters, health and safety (CNESST), consumer law (OPC), environmental, tax regulation, privacy. Knowing the applicable regulatory statutes in your industry insures compliance and prevents future litigation.

Dispute between shareholders

Interpretation and execution of a shareholders’ agreement; legal opinion on your duties and the possible avenues of resolution; from negotiation to a trial on the merits.

We understand the commercial impact of a dispute between shareholders on your business, consequentially we strive to find a timely, successful and compliant solution.

When a settlement cannot be achieved, you may be confident that Shearson Perron boutique law firm has the experience to mount an untiring and relentless defence at trial.

Construction and latent defect litigation

Shearson Perron can advise you in the complex field of the construction law: latent defect, duties and rights of the client and the contractor, regulation.

Legal opinion and litigation services relevant to latent defects in the manufacturing and the construction industry.

Tax litigation

We represent businesses against litigation instituted by the revenue agencies.

Criminal and regulatory litigation

Defense of individuals or corporations charged of infractions stemming from the Criminal Code or other regulatory statutes at all levels of courts – fraud, tax infractions, negligence offences, conspiracy.

Our firm regularly and successfully handles appellate cases, jury trials and constitutional challenges.