Shearson Perron


Shearson Perron is a boutique law firm providing legal services to businesses and individuals. The Shearson Perron team has extensive experience in complex cases before all levels of the courts.

We strive to find a proportional and optimal solution for all our clients. We are sensible of the implications inherent to a trial and therefore we always search for a successful resolution of any litigation before trial. We also assist our clients in understanding the relevant legal framework, creating compliant policy and avoiding costly penalties or litigation before they materialize.

If this cannot be achieved, you may be confident that Shearson Perron boutique law firm has the experience to mount an untiring and relentless defence at trial.

All counsel at Shearson Perron share the same values; accessibility and devotion to our clients, commitment to defending their interests and an unyielding work ethic.


Walsh Shearson lawyers firm founded

Me Thomas P. Walsh is a renowned lawyer in criminal matters all around Canada with near 50 years of experience. He partnered with Me Charles Shearson to found the law firm Walsh Shearson lawyers.

Me Marc-Olivier Perron joins the firm Walsh Shearson as an associate lawyer